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Oranje bus represents an idea familiar to those who love, live and express themselves through music.

Oranje bus, the technohippism spirit project!!!

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It Was Fluorescent 2018 @ Larissa

It Was Fluorescent 2018 @ Larissa
  •  Oranje bus is coming for the first time in the city of Larisa bringing It Was Fluorescent 2018! In succession of Ioannina, Patra, Thessaloniki and Volos now is Larissa's turn to welcome the most colorful party of Oranje bus!

     The ultimate techno party is back full of colors and vibes for the city of Larissa on 19th of May. A trademark party of Oranje bus that can't be missed!

Oranje beach bar

The technohippiest beach bar in Greece!

Listen to your favourite music, raise your glasses and join us for non-stop vacation!

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