What is Oranje bus?

Oranje bus is a revolutionary electronic music project.


Which is the Oranje bus philosophy?

Our philosophy is to express people via electronic music and art. Our mission is to connect, entertain people and make them feel free to express their feelings at the events that we organize or participate.


Does Oranje bus organize or participate?

Oranje bus organizes and participates in parties.


Which are the parties that Oranje bus organizes?

Officially we are organizing 3 events. These are: "Banana vs Beer", "It Was Fluorescent" and the "Music Without Condom". However, Oranje bus isn't only about gigs, parties with lots of people and big names at the line up. It's about music, expression of new innovative ideas and entertainment. That's why we often organize some small and pure parties for all of you that music is above all!


Who is behind Oranje bus?

Dj Aleole is the creator of Oranje bus. Filmmaker Aris Filmaris has put his artistic signature and vision to the project from the very first time. These guys are now running the wheels of the project. Alexandros Papadopoulos as the general manager and Aris Filmaris as the artistic director. However, in order to achieve the desired result and in order for this project to be organized, we co-operate all the time with lots of people to whom we own a big Thanks.


When, How and Why was the Oranje bus created?

Oranje bus was originally created as an idea in July 2010. Initially, in March 2010 the first event named Banana vs Beer was organized in the city of Ioannina in a for 20 years empty abandoned pool. However, the name Oranje bus project which would organize parties did not still exist. Nevertheless, Banana vs Beer was the first party hosted by dj Aleole through the idea he had for a new electronic music project. At this point it is worth noting that the whole project started from zero budget and thanks to the people's help and to the crew's faith the project moved on and continues to go on. On 13 July 2010 the 2nd party was organized in the city of Trikala, Aleole's and Aris Filmaris's hometown. It was then that the name Oranje bus made its first appearance, which indeed gave the name to the actual party Oranje bus at Velodrome. The party took place in an abondoned velodrome. On 9/10/2010 the 3rd party took place. It was Bannana vs Beer 2: music oddities invasion. For the first time the name Oranje bus was used as the name of the project which organizes these events. From that party on, Oranje bus acquired the now famous logo with the electro-hippie van that sympolizes what the project is about. On 3/12/2010 the actual Oranje bus van was bought by Aleole, who started its rebuilding which finished almost 2 years since the day he bought it...


"Where did the name Oranje bus come from?"

The name Oranje bus came up after an extremely long dialogue between Aleole and Aris Filmaris about music, women and culture they had via skype back in 2010 and together, they gave the name to the project like 2 godfathers!


In what kinds of events does Oranje bus participate?

Oranje bus may paricipate in many and various kinds of events. All you have to do is to contact us in order to find out how we can match a potential partnership...


How can I contact Oranje bus?

You can email us in the following:


In what way can I help Oranje bus become better?

You can help us to develop and improve the project with various ways:

  • Joining a party with your presence.
  • Buying one from our Oranje bus products.
  • Somehow advertising us.
  • Talking to others about the project.
  • Sending us an e-mail about possible ideas you have about what could or what you would like Orange bus to do.
  • Contacting us and telling us your opinion about the project.
  • Supporting us as a sponsor.