• Music Genres: Techno - Dark Techno - Acid Techno
  • AleOle (Alexandros Papadopoulos) was born in 1985 in Athens, Greece. He grew up in Trikala, studied guitar for 7 years and at the age of 18 moved to study at the physics department of Ioannina (UOI). At the 6th year of his studies (2008) he moved to The Netherlands and the city of Utrecht to study as an erasmus student. It was then the first time that he came in contact with rave parties. Soon he started exploring more and more this scene, that had nothing to do with the parties he knew until then. From the beginning he was more interested in techno and acid sounds that were just clear eargasm for him. His need to be among party people and go to underground electronic music events that he couldn't find easily in Greece but only abroad, made him create in 2010 a revolutionary electronic music project named "Oranje bus”. Through Oranje bus he started organizing unique underground events around Greece and created a new movement for party people who are fond of this kind of entertainment and like to express themselves through any form of art. Always interested in exploring, a traveler of life as he describes himself, loves including in his sets new innovative sounds that matches with underground techno beats. His blow minding sets consisting of techno, dark and acid sounds are his characteristic. A master of making a party "go wild", an entertainer who becomes a part of the crowd’s vibes, a raver born from the authentic ravers. Fresh underground sounds from the instigator of the Oranje bus project!

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