Blow the DJ 2014/15

  • Where: The Real Rocknrolla, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • When: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 23:59
  • Description

    Participate and grab the opportunity to show your talent as a DJ!

    Competition rules

    Upload your DJ set at Mixcloud entitled as "[Your DJ name] from [your city] set for Oranje bus - Blow the dj" from 21.09.2014 until 21.10.2014.

    Conditions for participation

    1. The DJ set be new and may not have been uploaded ever again online.
    2. The music genre must be in the range of Techno and House music.
    3. Tag the DJ set with "oranjebus" and "blowthedj"
    4. Use as a cover the poster of the contest.
    5. Your DJ set must have at least 30 plays (till 21/10) so keep sharing it via social media networks.
    6. The duration of the mix should be between 25 to 35 minutes and include at least 5 tracks.
    7. In the beggining of the description you must include the phrase "more info about the contest at" and make sure you mentioned your current city. If possible include a small bio of yourself and some personal web links.

    First phase of the competition

    All the valid DJ sets will be taken under consideration by all 3 DJs of Oranje bus (AleOle, Evans Gougou and minor.Frequencies). Then 9 of the DJ sets will proceed to the next phase of the competition. The first three winners will be announced on October 24. The next three on October 25 and the remaining three on October 26.

    * In the second phase of the competition crowds/public vote counts for 65% and judges 35%

    Second phase of the competition

    In the 9th of November (second Sunday of November) the competition will begin with three of the nine participants. Each DJ will mix an about 1 hour long set. The DJ sets will be streamed directly from the Oranje bus website. All the DJ sets will be uploaded to youtube and mixcloud and will be available to vote (through the official site of Oranje bus) from Wednesdays noon and for the next 10 days. The first two DJ sets that will glean the most votes within these period will proceed to the next phase.

    Following the same routine, the remaining contestands will keeo consenting until all but the 3 winners are eliminated.

    Third phase of the competition

    In the third phase of the competition the same mentioned routine will keep going with the slight difference that the DJ sets will now have a duration of 1 hour and a half. This will send the winner to the final stage, to contest 1 of the 3 first places.

    Fourth stage (final stage)

    In the fourth phase and last of the competition the three remaining contestands will spin for 2 hours each. At the end we will have the final results.


    1. Winner's prize: A DJ performance slot alongside a special guest at The real Rock n' Rolla, Thessaloniki during 2015.
    2. Prize for the 3 finalists: A place in the line up of an Oranje bus party during 2015.

    **Note that the target of this competition, is not to emerge the "best" DJ. We only try to give a small chance for some of the talented peopleout there, to show what they can do. In any case the final factor of the winne is the public vote and nothing else.

    ***Every DJ set up is acceptable.


    Entrance will be free.

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