Blow the DJ 2014/15 - Semifinals/PH1

  • Where: The Real Rocknrolla, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • When: Sunday, 11 January 2015 21:30
  • Description

    Ladies & Gents, here we are with the first night of Blow the DJ semifinals!

    Ladies & Gents, here we are at the first night of Blow the DJ semifinals! On Sunday 11th of January The Real Rocknrolla opens it's doors to welcome 2 out of 6 contestants that proceeded to the current phase. On this phase of the contest, the participants battle 1 vs 1. This means that every single detail counts. Irini Liapikou and KG are fighting for a place to the finals of the contest. Host for the night will be Oranje bus' minor.Frequencies. Join the party!


    Entrance is free.

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