Music Without Condom 2013 (on boat party)

  • Where: On boat, Ioannina Lake, Greece
  • When: Saturday, 23 February 2013 01:15
  • Description

    Oranje bus strikes back again with the sickest party of all...

    Music Without Condom is back, totally renewed and made to offer you the most dirty party experience you've ever had. Time for some Techno with big T, time for some Tough dj's who are not here to relax. A party for limited people.

    Video by
    Poster by Meekay

    Dress code:

    Slutty and kinky dressed people are welcome. Wear as few as you can and keep it black .

    • Suggested dress code for men: Leather pants, tights, sticking t-shirts/no t-shirts, bdsm masks, swimsuits, accessories like whip, sunglasses, gag balls etc :P
    • Suggested dress code for women: If you don't know please don't come.
    The top 5, most slutty dressed people, will win 2 free drinks.

    The party is limited edition, just 246 people (123 per night). Strictly forbidden for people under the age of 21.


    • Boarding starts at 23:45
    • Doors closed at 00:20
    • Party starts at 00:30 and ends at 5:30