Music Without Condom 2017 with Invite

  • Where: Club Division
  • When: Friday, 03 February 2017 23:30
  • Description

    Starting the first Music Without Condom in 2012, we had only one thing in mind. The liberation of our senses through a mysterious and enigmatic party.

    A few words about Music Without Condom 2017 concept:

    As mentioned above, the liberation of the senses through a mysterious and enigmatic party, is the purpose of this event. Concise sound, red/low lighting and vivid visuals are the key elements to create the unique atmosphere of Music Without Condom. Inside the venue there will be make up artists that will create sensuous glitter make up designs, that will add an even more unique effect to the night.

    A few words about our guest:

    Carrying well over 19 years of love for techno and performing experience with him, Invite is one of Holland’s few true household names. A modest perfectionist at heart, he translates his passion and drive into outspoken and highly versatile DJ-sets. Whether it’s opening deep and warm,closing rough and edgy, a small crowd or large setting Invite treats every gig with the same amount of diligence and respect. When given carte blanche and an extended timeslot, something he much prefers, Invite is able to move a crowd like few others can. His career has seen him perform at numerous events including Planet Rose, Imprint, Solid Grooves and Awakenings, festivals such as Awakefest, Free Your Mind and venues like Trouw, Paradiso and Doornroosje, on multiple occasions alongside the likes of Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims and Jeff Mills. Invite’s reach doesn’t stop at the border however; he has played in Germany, South-Korea, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria, Georgia, Estonia, France and Belgium and is looking forward to a lot more traveling. Early 2011 has also marked the launch of his own podcast series, dubbed Invite’s Choice. Aiming to provide international techno artists with a sixty-minute platform to think 100% out of the box and record a set without any musical limitations, it’s quickly become one of the best weekly podcasts out there.

    A few words about Music Without Condom history:

    The first Music Without Condom took place at the University of Ioannina. Like all of our ideas the cooncept of Music Without Condom evolved. The second party lasted 2 nights and took place onboard of a boat that was cruising around the lake of Ioannina. Also the party included kinky dress code and age ristriction of 21+. As for the next 4 events, that took place during the 2013-2014 season with the likes of Marika Rossa, Bjoern Torwellen, Hazett and Lia Organa at Thessaloniki. So here we are with the sequel of this classic event on the 3rd of February, with our guest Invite on the decks of Club Division for the 7th MWC.


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