Oranje bus welcomes summer 2013

  • Where: Ai Giannis beach, Leukada, Greece
  • When: Saturday, 01 June 2013 12:00
  • Description

    Summer is coming and for once more it's time to party near the sea!

    The unofficial party that took place last year and gave you the opportunity to come closer to the Oranje bus, rejoins this year at Lefkada! Let's welcome summer 2013 together by partying next to the amazing Ai Giannis beach till the morning.

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    Busses are leaving from the city of Ioannina (Nomarxia) at 11:00 o'clock on Saturday morning. The beach party will last 12 hours until at least 03.00 o'clock in the morning and then buses will leave back to Ioannina.

    For all those who have their own vehicle or want to stay for the rest of the night, just arrange your stay , by taking with you the necessary equipment [ tents, mattresses etc] and make sure you also programme how you'll return.


    Entrance is free

    Bus tickets from Ioannina: 18 euros

    * You can also come by car from Ioannina, Leukada or any other place. The entrance is free. Bus tickets price is 18 euros.

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