De bus

Oranje bus is a 1976 VW T2 bus, that has been restored from 2010 till 2012 to become a new age hippie van filled with 20th century technology, as you can see from the photos...

The bus symbolizes the philosophy of the whole project. It's the symbol of a new technohippism movement of people through electronic music. A movement of open minded and forward thinking people without taboos, that support the freedom of love and sexuality in this new age of technology.

This is the bus that we are moving and promoting our parties with! It's our home when we participate in a festival and it's our office when we move from city to city. It's our bed when we make love and it's your capsule of happiness when you see us around you.

It includes a big bed and a big cabrio and electrically pop up roof that opens and makes the bus a stage and booth for the dj's!

The orange colour on it, is fluorescent and gives the sense of a party bus while moving.

Maybe you have seen us partying on road or in a time you should come, meet us and party with us!

Wanna ride?